Five major research areas in SCHS of SJTU

There are five major research areas in the School of History and Culture of Science of Shanghai Jiao Tong Univerity, namely, History of Astronomy, History of Physics and Metrology, History of Mathematics, Science and Society, and History of Environment and Natural Disaster. Each of them has its own distinctive feature. The research on History of Astronomy is dedicated to the ancient Chinese astronomy and society, the communication and comparison of astronomy between China and west countries, the chronology of astronomical history, the Buddhism astronomy and so on. The research on History of Physics and Metrology is dedicated to the history of Chinese physics and metrology, contemporary history of science in China. As a pioneer of the research field, Professor Guan Zengjan established the theoretical framework and contribute the demonstration outcomes of the metrological history. The achievements in this research area are also paid close attention and affirmed by the department of General Administration of Quality Supervision. The research on History of Mathematics is dedicated to investigating the theories and characteristics of classical Chinese mathematics, and has gained substantial achievements in respect to the theory and methodology of classical mathematical astronomy, the transformation from traditional mathematics to modern mathematics, and the exchange and spreading of Eastern and Western mathematical knowledge. The research on Science and Society is dedicated to researching the basic principle of the sociology of science and its application, the communications and policies of science and technology, the ethics of science and technology and engineering ethics, etc. The research on History of Environment and Disaster is dedicated to researching the relations between historical environment change, disasters and traditional Chinese society, probing into subjects such as historical environment change, marine environment, ecological awareness, environmental protection and traditional society, epidemic disease, disaster and regional society, etc. 

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